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Test Report: A Lynx for Dangerous Game | SA JAGTER

May 13, 2014

SA Hunter LX2 1-6x24 review March 2014 page 1

Lynx 1-6x24 review - SA Game and Hunt Magazine


Not all scopes can handle the recoil of bigbore rifles, but you can be sure the 1-6x24 Lynx LX2 Professional is up to the task.

Professional guides that regularly accompany hunters on dangerous game hunts prefer to use their  medium and big-bore rifles with open sights. However, the average hunter favours scoping his big-bore, because most of them are not really familiar with open sights and also use their rifles for general antelope hunting.  Open sights are fine for closerange back-up work, but for 99% of hunting a scope is preferable. Also, older eyes really battle with open sights. Now, most people that scope their big-bores are concerned that their scope of choice might not be tough enough to withstand the recoil of the rifle and rightly so, because some of these monsters really pack a hefty punch in the recoil department. Two calibres that immediately spring to mind are the .450 Rigby and the .500 Jeffery. When you shop for a scope for a big-bore consider the following: The scope must be tough enough – recoil must not “shake” its lenses and innards loose; it must keep its zero and the adjustments must be utterly reliable (precise and repeatable); the eyerelief must be long enough to prevent the dreaded “Weatherby eye” and the reticle must be visible in all lighting conditions in dense bush (some reticles are difficult to see against a busy, leafy background). South African hunters are conservative and according to some only a small number of scope brands are suitable for dangerous game calibres. Well, now you can add the 1-6x24 Lynx LX2 Professional to that list.

EXCELLENT QUALITY Lynx is well-known in South  Africa and still one of the most popular scope brands among locals. The company’s LX2 scopes, introduced a number of years ago, really represent excellent quality. In these models the mechanical tolerances have been tightened up and the all-alloy gimbal system used on the erector tubes provides better accuracy and reliability. Lynx also uses a high-precision tracking system for the elevation and windage adjustments for precise and repeatable adjustments. Some months ago we received a Lynx 1-6x24 IR from Lynx Optics for testing and decided to mount it on a .416 Ruger belonging to Hercules Louw. A second Lynx was sent to Stefan Fouch. of Safari & Outdoor in Pretoria to mount on his .450 Rigby. This scope with its 30mm, one-piece main tube has a tough, scratch-resistant, matt black anodised finish. It sports userfriendly, finger-adjustable turrets and the reticle comes with an illuminating centre-dot – a pinprick-size green dot operated by a side-turret located on the left-hand side of the tube. Some people who are colour blind can’t see the red LED displays that so many manufacturers use in rangefinders and scopes. Green stands out very well against the tan and brown winter colours and is even clearly visible in summertime against green backgrounds. To make it suitable for both day and night use, the intensity of the centredot can be adjusted – 11 settings are available. The Lynx has a fairly heavy reticle which I find ideal for bushveld work and many will probably not use the illuminating option when hunting in good light. However, I have found that when using the illumination option, that centredot really draws the eye quickly towards your aiming point. Eye-relief on the Lynx is quite generous: From 106mm at 6x magnification to 111mm at 1x. The click value for adjustments is a .MOA at 100 yards or 7mm at 100m. The scope is 265mm long and weighs 525 grams.

ON THE .416 RUGER Hercules uses 320gr Impala bullets in his .416 Ruger, loaded to 2 500fps and although the recoil is not in the same class as that of the .450 Rigby, it is still stout. After the initial range tests, during which the scope performed to perfection, we also used it during a big-bore shooting competition at the Premier Shooting Club just outside Cullinan, east of Pretoria. At the shoot Hercules and I fired 16 rounds each and afterwards Hercules fired another eight rounds to test the accuracy and repeatability of the Lynx’s adjustments. At this stage the Lynx had endured the recoil of close to 200 shots fired from the .416 Ruger. As you can see from the pictures the 1-6x24 passed the test with colours flying sky high. Hercules first fired a single shot at the centre of the target, then we adjusted the scope so that the next shot landed high and left (while still aiming at the centre diamond). Consequently we adjusted the scope to the right, then down and left and right/up again (firing one shot after each adjustment) to perform a four-shot rectangle “box” test. The final adjustment returned the impact to the central aiming mark. After performing the “box” test Hercules fired a three-shot group to confirm that the Lynx’s adjustments were indeed accurate and repeatable – those shots formed a single ragged hole and landed right on top of the first shot (see picture). What more can you ask for.

ON THE .450 RIGBY Stefan Fouch. also used a Lynx during the same big-bore shoot and afterwards performed a box test while Hercules and I watched. As you can see from the results, the Lynx stood up perfectly to the very stiff recoil of the .450 Rigby. I am very positive about the Lynx 1-6x24 scope and recommend it without reservation to those who need a scope for a big-bore rifle. It is perfectly capable of handling the recoil of heavy calibres and the quality of the optics is also very good. Due to its 6x magnification this scope is also suitable for hunting in more open savannah/bushveld, where shots up to 200m should not present any problem. It is not meant for bigbores only though; the Lynx 1-6x24 will perform excellently on any bushveld rifle.

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