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Lynx LX 4-16x42AO


LX 4-16x42AO features target turrets with 1/4 MOA clicks and a focusing front objective lens. The magnification range of this model is well suited for target shooting.

Good optics, reliable adjustment controls and recoil proof to 1000 G make this scope an excellent choice for shooters who are looking for a good starter scope for range shooting and competitions. 

The standard off-the-shelf model is fitted with a duplex reticle and variety of reticles options are available to be fitted in-house pre- or post-purchase, at a reasonable charge. Reticles options specific to this scope are detailed under the options tab below.

  • Adjustable objective focusses from 10 m to infinity
  • 1" one-piece main tube
  • Scratch resistant matte black anodized finish
  • Nitrogen filled and waterproof to one metre for 60 minutes
  • Fully Multicoated lenses. All internal and external lens surfaces are multi coated and produce a bright, colour true contrasty image
  • Recoil proof to 1000 gravities; 25% more recoil energy than an average .375
  • Lifetime warranty


Power 4x ~ 16x Click value 1/4moa
Objective diameter 42mm Tube diameter 25.4mm
Field of view in degrees   Length 360mm
Eye relief 83~79mm Weight 455g
Graticule (std) / options (Mil-Step) Available Finishes Matte Black


Reticle options

Duplex MIL DOT Hold Over 2 
Duplex Reticle mil dot reticle
hold over 2 reticle
The Duplex or Plex reticle gives the hunter basic range-finding capability by representing 10 MOA at 100 metres across the thin centre section of the crosshair with the scope magnification set to 7. Mil dot spacings are available in 10x, 12, 16x and 24x sizes, depending on the scope model. Can be fitted to any LX and most LX2 riflescopes. Nine hold-over aiming points below the centre cross provide an accurate means of compensating for bullet drop over 100 to 400 metres without touching the scope. The diamond-shaped aiming points are small and unobtrusive, presenting an uncluttered sight-picture that does not confuse the eye.
  Instruction - Lynx mil dot reticle LX&LX2.pdf  Instructions - Hold-over reticle 2.pdf
Fine Cross Hair Fine Cross with Dot MIL Step
D-ret-cross.jpg E-ret-x-dot.jpg mil step reticle
Can be fitted to most Lynx riflescopes. Best suited to target shooters who require very fine aiming reference. 

Not suitable for hunting.
Can be fitted to most Lynx riflescopes. Best suited to target shooters who require very fine aiming reference. The dot is 1/4 MOA with the scope set to 24x

Not suitable for hunting.

Can be fitted to any LX or LX2 model riflescope. Reticle style that satisfies the needs of both hunters and target shooters in addition to presenting the shooter with a clean and accurate range-finding sight-picture. Reticle lines step down in thickness at 1 MIL increments at 24x.

Detail view of the Mil Step reticle: The grey markings illustrate the four 24x MIL-graduated steps.

    Instructions for Lynx mil step reticle.pdf


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Reviewed by Danie on
Not ideal for bushveld hunting. Scope not clear on magnification larger than x9. At 100m difficult to identify holes on target. Mounted on my 308 with several shots through it, with minor side wards adjustments required every now and again. Possibly a 3-9*40 would prove more ideal for hunting.

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