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Lynx RDR-1 Mini Reflex Sight


Single-lens non-magnifying red-dot reflex sights are the ideal aiming system for use on close-up targets and moving targets, up to a distance of about 100 metres. Target acquisition is virtually instantaneous and tracking of moving bodies is unmatched by others systems.

Out of the box Lynx RDR-1 comes complete with a Picatinny adapter for fitting onto a Picatinny rail or Weaver® type mounting block.

The scope is usable by day and night on rifles, handguns and dart guns, allowing one-eyed and two-eyed aiming techniques.  The eye-relief is non-critical, meaning the sight can be mounted at any distance from the shooter's eye. 

RDR-1 uses two pressure buttons on the side right side of the unit marked to set the dot to the desired brightness setting. There are ten intensity levels. When turning the dot on, the brightness setting will be recalled from when it was last switched off. The illumination turns off automatically after three hours.

  • Auto off illumination
  • Clip-on protective plastic cover for protection when not in use
  • Virtually instantaneous target acquisition
  • Easy tracking of moving targets
  • Day and night use
  • One or two eyed aiming
  • Useble to extremely close range
  • Non-critical eye relief

Dot size: 4 MOA
Weight: 38 grams (76 grams with Picatinny adapter)
Battery type: CR2032
Battery life: 130 hours
Auto off: After 3 hours of inactivity
Warranty: Five years from date of purchase




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