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Enforcer LED Focusable Handheld Searchlight


The new Enforcer LED searchlight range introduces Fresnel technology to the sporting market.

The specially designed lens produces a tight beam for maximum light output and performance. The internal battery has a runtime of over 2-4 hours at full power depending on the model and you can even attach the clip on Enforcer battery to produce an extended runtime of up to 8 hours. Combined with a light weight ergonomic grip and an in built battery indicator.



• Lightweight for convenient long-term use at only 450 grams
• White look out feature
• Dimmable White
• IP65 ingress protected - sealed from rain and dust
• Fresnel reflector for maximum light output and performance
• Fresnel lens is combined with an in built focusing mechanism that allows you to change from wide pattern to long distance spot
• Gore® protective vent to protect against moisture and contaminant ingress
• Runtime: Max. 2 hrs


• LED power consumption
• White – 10 Watts
• Weight: 450 grams
• 140mm Fresnel lens technology
• White LED
• 334m / 365yd @ 1 LUX
• Lumen output: 700lm
• Colour temperature: 4000K
• Colour rendering index: 80CRI
• High density LUMILEDS LED

• 2000mAh Li-ion battery
• charge time of 2hrs

Cordless Enforcer accessories
SL591  - BPEF Enforcer Cordless Battery Kit 4.5Ah & charger 
SL593  - SLBAG Universal Outdor Enforcer Carry Bag
SL590  - EFMB Mounting plate accessory, fits Enforcer to remote handle or swivel base
SL595  - EFCC 2.0 m coil cord with cig. plug for 12v power source
SL596  - EFAL 5m FIG8 cord kit w/alligator clips for 12v power source

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